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Body Waxing Do's & Dont's

Before your service:

  • Make sure your hair is at least 1/4 inch in length. Anything shorter than this will not be long enough to remove resulting in unhappy results. Typically this will be at least 10-12 days of growth.
  • Do not use any lotions or moisturizers on your skin at least 12 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Do not take a hot shower or bath immediately before your appointment as it will soften the follicles and result in broken hairs.
  • Do not drink alcohol or caffeine at least 4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment
  • If you are getting a bikini wax remember you are more sensitive a few days before, during and after your menstrual cycle.
  • If this is your first time waxing since the last time you shaved just remember that your hair is the thickest it's going to be so come on a regular basis and it won't be as painful as the first time.

During your service:

  • Don't expect any hair removal service to be pain-free.
  • Try to keep as calm as possible, tensing up will only make the experience uncomfortable.
  • If you're not a talker bring a magazine or book to keep your mind occupied.
  • We are trained speed waxers and your service should not take any longer than 30 minutes depending on the selected service.

After your service:

  • Do NOT use any lotions or moisturizers for at least 24-48 hours depending on how sensetive your skin is.
  • Do NOT create any unnecessary perspiration in the area that has been waxed as this can cause breakouts (including, but not limited to - exercise, sauna use, sexual activity)
  • DO gently exfoliate the area daily.
  • DO use an ingrown hair serum to minimize the risk of ingrown hairs, breakouts, and to decrease the size of the follicle.
  • Remember that your hair in general regenerates every 28 days so it is HIGHLY recommended that you wax every 4 weeks - this will train your hair to grow on the same cycle in roughly 3-6 waxings.
  • Pre-book your next appointment for four weeks so you don't forget to come in.