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Ten Commandments of Eating

  1. Do not combine fruits or sweets with protein. Sugar in any form inhibits digestion of proteins. Wait one hour after meals before eating sugar.
  2. Do not drink water with protein. Water dilutes enzymesand hydrochloric acid needs for digestion. Wait one hour after meals before drinking water.
  3. Do not eat bread or pasta with protein.  Potatoes, rice or beans are okay with meat. Breads and pasts interfere with complete digestion of protein.
  4. Rotate your proteins and grains. The same kind of proteins and grains tend to linger in your system and caus congestion in the bowels.
  5. Eat your protein when you creave it. Try to eat protein when you want it. If your mate is a big protein eater at dinner and you are not, just eat teh vegetables or potato and have your portein for breakfast or lunch. However, if you are hungry at night, eat your protein.
  6. Use sea salt. This can be found in the spice section of any supermarket. Table salt is dehydrating.
  7. Eliminate Dairy Dairy causes congestion.
  8. Drink water.  Take your body weight and divide it by 3. That is the daily amount of ounces of water for your body.
  9. Chew your food. Initial digestion of startch (bread, corn, potatoes) begins in the mouth. Slow down your chewing.
  10. Eat fruits and vegetables. If you like them raw, okay. If you like them cooked, then cook them. But DO eat them, especially veetables. This is where you get many vitamins, minerals (including calcium) and fiber that is much needed for proper elimination.