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Airbrush Tanning Do's & Dont's

Before your service:

  • Shower and lightly exfoliate prior to your tanning session. This is very important, as it will remove the dead skin off of your body, which will in return give you the longest-lasting tan possible. Exfoliate using a water-based scrub. Any oil on the skin will leave a barrier and inhibit the spray tanning solution from developing. They are various in your local store with no need to buy expensive brands. Exfoliating prepares the skin for a spray tan and ensures optimal results. Please, do not injure the skin with rough exfoliation.

  • Skin should be clean and dry before being airbrushed. For optimal results, do not apply moisturizers, deodorants, cologne, body oils, or makeup before your tanning appointment as they can affect the result of your tan.

  • Women: Shave or Wax the night before your airbrush tanning session. If you wait to shave until after your airbrush tan, you will speed up the fading process.
  • Men: Shaving/waxing the entire body is optional. Do shave face prior to your session.

  • Schedule your spray tan after you get your manicure, pedicure, massage, facial, and waxing. All of these services will disrupt an existing spray tan, so it is important to schedule the tan after these services are done.

  • Style hair off of the face and neck. Use clips, rubber bands, scrunchys, etc..

  • Remove jewelry before being airbrushed.

  • If you choose to wear a swim suit, bring a dark, snug swimsuit or under garment to create “tan lines” (wool, lycra, nylon, spandex, silk might stain.) Excess spray tan residue can often attach to the clothing; this comes out after being washed however white clothing will often become off colour over time.  Being sprayed in undergarments is not necessary.  It's up to you and your comfort level. 

  • We ask that you trust the advice of the technician who will choose an airbrush recipe that will compliment your skin tone and will leave you with a natural looking tan. We only use the best quality airbrush solutions available to professionals.

IMPORTANT!  The moment water touches the sprayed skin the tanning process stops in the area affected by the water.

If it is raining on the day of your spray tan,  wear full protective clothing to cover the entire body  to ensure it does not come in contact with the rain.

The Session:

  • The session takes up to 10 minutes to cover the whole body. The solution will dry on your skin in just a few minutes so you can step back into your clothes straight after the treatment without rubbing the tan or toweling.
  • For the short period that your face is sprayed, close your eyes and do not inhale. If you suffer from respiratory problems, please contact your doctor before booking your treatment.

After your Service:

  • Wear dark loose clothing to leaving in after your spray tan.  A oversize t-shirt is recommended.
    Avoid anything that is tight or has elastic as they can leave marks while you are still in the drying process. Preferably do not wear a bra for at least 4 hours afterwards. Also, wear loose slip on shoes like flip-flops.  Do not rub or scratch your body as this can also remove the spray tan tanning solution during the developing process.
  • Avoid any strenuous exercise or perspiration activity immediately after the spray tanning session, as this will affect the developing process. Sweat can cause a natural reaction that results in poor color and uneven results. Do not apply any creams or deodorants until after the first shower. Avoid any water contact on the skin until after the first shower.  Water contact stops the tanning process immediately. 
  • If you are receiving a spray tan on a hot day it is recommended to apply talcum powder to areas of excess sweating after the spray tan is dry.  It is also recommended to sit on a towel in the car after tanning to help prevent sweating.
  • Wait at least 8 hours before showering after the tanning session.  A small amount of the bronzer will wash off during the first shower.  This is normal. It’s the bronzer, not the tan. When showering for the first time and thereafter, put some gentle cleansing liquid in your palms and lightly apply it. Rinse your skin. DO NOT USE A LOOFAH, BUFFPAD, NYLON PUFF, or WASHCLOTH! We sell a soap free body wash designed for spray tanning this is best recommended. Use warm water and pat dry. Avoid long hot showers/baths, spas, excessive heat such as a sauna and rubbing of the skin afterwards as this increases the natural skin exfoliation process. If you are going to be in a pool or at the beach, be sure to wear a thick “waterproof” or “sport” SPF to create a barrier between your tan and the water.  Avoid shaving or waxing following the spray tan application as this process removes the very top layer of the skin thus removing the tan in that area.  Shaving can cause the tan to look patchy.
  • Dogs tend to LOVE the airbrush solution because of how tasty it is! Do not let your dog lick your tan or it will leave a white mark on your skin.

  • Remember to wear a protective SPF Sunscreen when out in the sun to avoid sunburn.