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Body Wrap Services

This is a compression wrap done with cellophane and Stimulating Body Mask to bring cirulation to areas that have a build up of waste and do not have a lot of stiumulation. A body carries weight in two different ways. The person may be heavy in the middle, from the shoulers to the buttocks, or heavy from the waist down through the thighs.

This is a service that is done in a series and is supported by a Body Care Kit to be used at home.

This treatment is designed to to rid the body of toxins. If there are no changes in eating and exercise patterns, the changes occur during this series are temporary. Learning the Ten Commandments of Eating will help with a more positive result.

While a series of at least six treatments are recommended for a more long term result, it is a possibility to do 2-3 wraps a week and have some profound changes that will last for a short time.

Body wrap services take approximately an hour to complete and are recommended once per week for at least six weeks. Every client will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Series packages are available starting at $480 with a free take home kit. Individual services are $80 each.


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